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1st of October 2017 10:05 PM
"I love, love, LOVE my spray foam insulation!! Why? It is the easiest (Dermot did all the work!), it is economical, takes little time to apply, the house feels wonderful (so cooool)! and we all need more of it in the blistering WA summer!

Apart from all that, Dermot answered all my questions quickly, got back to me within a day (how often does THAT happen with contractors?), made an appointment to come and SEE the job, made an appointment to do the work, arrived on time with a POSITIVE attitude, did the work in a timely manner and charged a reasonable price. What more can you want? Yes, I am gushy over the foam AND the contractor! THANK YOU Dermot Cross!" Leoni, Morangup.
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25th of September 2017 12:16 AM Link
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25th of September 2017 12:06 AM Link
Spray foam from start to finish in Perth WA
20th of September 2017 07:19 PM Link
Another Happy customer
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18th of September 2017 07:02 PM Link
Sprayed out an open Roof on saturday , Client was amazed with the Results , Between acoustics and the insulation values
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Sprayed out 2 sea containers in Osbourne Park in Perth , getting them ready for a job up north on the Mine Site .
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Sprayed out 2 sea containers in Osbourne Park in Perth , getting them ready for a job up north on the MIne Site .
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To the people who like spray foam insulation , Thank you for your support all over the years
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Perth Home Gets a Spray foam job , Client is very impressed and looking forward to getting the rest of the house sprayed out , http://sprayfoaminsulationperth.com.au/
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Here is the proof , and it does work well
4th of September 2017 01:34 AM Link
Videos like this are great , unfortunately people in western australia don't build like they do in america , but still interesting to watch , call us on 0498008510 Dermot
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1st of September 2017 01:31 AM Link
Feel the difference & See the difference -With spray foam and Without , its pretty cool to see the Thermal image of this workshop , on the day after spraying temperature difference was 15'C. with no AC
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30th of August 2017 12:14 AM Link
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Sprayed out a Full ceiling today , achieving an R value of R3.6 , making a big difference as the New Baby on the way , Feeling the Comfort straight away . Allergies ---GONE ----